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Greetings from Kepler Family Chiropractic! Last year, I had a vision of changing thousands of lives in our community by maximizing human potential through Chiropractic. However, after nearly 20 years of practice, I realize that there are still many people who do not understand or even know what chiropractors do.

Below, I briefly answer some of the most common questions we hear in our office every day. If you would like more information or want to determine if Chiropractic can help you or a loved one, please use the coupon below to schedule an appointment. Otherwise, can you please help me fulfill my mission by spreading the word about how Chiropractic is changing lives? Simply passing the coupon and information on to a family member or friend would be greatly appreciated!

Wishing you wellness from within,

Dr. Shane Kepler

“How does Chiropractic work?”

Chiropractic is a safe and natural method of healthcare that focuses on treating the causes of physical problems rather than just treating the symptoms with invasive procedures or drugs. This is achieved by locating subluxations, or misalignments of the spine that cause nerve interference. These interferences can lead to tension, spasms, pain, numbness, tingling, loss of function, and may even cause organs to shut down when left untreated. Once the subluxations have been located, the Chiropractor is able to apply a specific, low force “adjustment” or re-alignment to the spine. Once the nerves are able to function again, your body is able to naturally repair and heal itself.

“What types of problems can Chiropractic care help?”

Since Chiropractic deals directly with the nervous system, it can help with every function of the body! The most common symptoms we see in our office are head and migraines, sleep problems and fatigue, sinus and allergy problems, neck and shoulder tension and pain, digestive issues, and low back pain. These common symptoms are usually accompanied by additional problems that are addressed in your first visit.

“How long does it take to feel better? Do I have to go forever?”

We will give you customized recommendations, depending on your condition, age, how long the problem has been present, your physical activity and physique, and the amount of degeneration present. You do not have to “go forever”, although many of our patients do choose to incorporate Chiropractic Care into their lives because of its many health benefits.


Dr. Shane Kepler, a specialist in safe, natural and affordable Chiropractic Care, has been serving Lincoln and its surrounding communities since 1999. Dr. Shane Kepler also provides workplace wellness lectures and a Lunch & Learn program for corporations, businesses, church groups, and clubs in Lincoln, NE and surrounding communities. Currently serving 68502, 68503, 68504, 68505, 68506, 68507, 68508, 68510, 68512, 68516, 68521, 68522, 68524, 68526, 68528, 68434, 68333, 68405, 68304 and more.