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Dr. Kepler saved me from surgery. I am a chiropractor. When I damaged a disc in my low back, the pain was so much that I could not sit down, sleep, drive or work. I saw four other chiropractors before I went to Dr. Kepler. His specialized traction table, highly trained staff as well as his gentle light-force technique proved to be the difference. I am back to work and I feel better than I have in a long time. I would recommend Kepler Family Chiropractic to anyone. Here you get a team that is dedicated to providing a safe alternative to drugs and surgery and that helped me get out of pain fast. -Dr. Justin

When I first came to Dr. Kepler in January of 2010, I had suffered from chronic headaches for over 20 years (I'm only 26). Since I have been getting regular adjustments, I have experienced better freedom of movement and less severe and less frequent headaches. I can get out of bed easier and I'm less stiff after working in front of a computer all day! -Adam B

In April of 2011, I had to have a hip replacement surgery. Following the surgery, I got a bad case of hiccups, which lasted for seven days and seven nights. The doctors gave me medication to try to stop them, but nothing worked. My body was exhausted and I couldn't catch my breath. I went to Dr. Kepler's office and received an adjustment in the area of the spine that controls respiratory function. Less than two hours later, the hiccups were gone and I have had no further problems!
-Gerald C.

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